How Can I Claim It?

Go through any of the websites that we have recommended to you, play online and try your luck. If you’re lucky enough to get even a bonus code initially, that will be a great start. But keep in mind, you will not receive it in the form of cash. Until you fulfill the requirements, you cannot get the bonus and it will be collected in your account until you are eligible to use it.

It is easy to get a bonus but to claim it, you will have to work a little hard. Until you do not play casino games online, you cannot get it. Search through our list to find some best casino websites to play. On every website there are an individual set of rules, so make sure you go through them first.

Also, understand how the conversion works. Sometimes the percentage and dollar value can become a little confusing for a newbie. Get enough knowledge about it before you claim your bonus.

Different Variations Of Casino Bonus

  • There are a few bonuses which are given on your first usage called Welcome Bonus. Most of them give a double amount of money than the deposited one.
  • Monthly Bonuses are offered when you renew your membership per month. It is an incentive for the customers to sign up for another month and become their loyal members.
  • Bonuses that do not require any deposit, need you to sign up for the website. However, read the terms and conditions first as indirectly they might require a bonus.
  • Refer-a-friend Bonus is given if your friends use your link to sign up for the website. Every time that any of the other members use your invite to join, you get a bonus added. It is a sure shot way to get more customers signing up for the website. There are bonuses also based on the method of payment you use. For example, using a card will get you more deposit, while some may not.
  • Bonus on bigger deposits is offered for people who like to deposit a large sum of money in their accounts rather little.